I'm supposed to be a grown up now, and I have no idea what that consists of.

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I don’t mind the touch of the Sun
As much as I used to
Because the warmth of it reminds me of you.
It sits like a jewel in a sea of forget-me-nots,
Shining gold just like the specks in your eyes.
And therein lies
The magic of the matter, I suppose,
For as the Sun sets the world ablaze
With fiery glow
I feel the same sort of burning alight beneath your gaze.
I can see the horizon in you.
Endless blue stretched out like cloudless days,
Breathtaking in it’s vibrancy.
It makes me want to chase the clouds away,
The ones embedded in my grey irises
Dull and melancholy and promising rain.
I want to find the sun inside wherever it hides,
And follow it back to you,
So that you may light up my sky again.
-you are the first summer i’ve ever loved, Ellie M (via rainy-wednesday-mornings)
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Words of Emotion
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Will CottonOil on Canvas
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November 2013
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Party in the graveyard
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